Business Analysis

Every business is unique. Our team has worked with public and private organizations ranging from solo entrepreneurs to billion dollar enterprises. We’ve learned how to systematically and effectively identify and clearly define challenges and opportunities that are critical to an organization’s success. Our typical approach works like this:

  1. Define what the real problem is (not just the symptoms of the problem or problems that have a deeper root cause)
  2. Identify the requirements that describe what characteristics a solution must have to address the problem
  3. Work with subject matter experts to assess potential solution options and recommend a solution
  4. Ensure that the proposed solution meets the actual business needs
  5. Ensure that the actual solution implemented meets the requirements

Several studies have shown one of the leading reasons for projects to fail is the lack of clear, understandable requirements of what needs to be accomplished, from the high level vision to the detailed specifications for a solution. We take pride in ensuring our requirements are presented in language everyone can understand. We take a business-oriented approach to defining requirements that gets everyone on the same page. The result is less time is spent on trying to understand what to do and more time spent on getting it done.