Case Study – Enterprise Assessment

Case Study – Enterprise Assessment

The opportunity

Our client, a large organization that works with over 120 non-profit entities to deliver their programming, wanted to assess how effective their current processes were and if there were ways they could be improved.

Our process

Through a series of interviews, job shadowing, documentation and systems reviews and engagement with their external partners, we developed a comprehensive mapping of their entire business describing how it operates. In the end over 100 processes were documented involving hundreds of individuals and different software solutions.

Once we had a comprehensive understanding of how their business worked, we were able to develop 12 key recommendations that would transform their business operations into an efficient and adaptable structure. Over 20 manual processes were anticipated to be eliminated through the development of automated solutions, which would allow staff to focus on higher value-added activities.

The result

The client agreed to proceed with the procurement of a new enterprise-class resource management system that would enable their business to take advantage of opportunities for increased productivity and efficiency.